6 Session Recalibration Plan

Clarity & Confidence in a Powerful Package

The Six Session Re-Calibration Plan is designed to give you clarity and confidence in a short amount of time. It works by getting down to brass tacks quickly and taking stock of your current situation, strengths, and direction.
After the discovery phase you will be aware of your values, understand your life balance dynamics and have a vision of your ideal life.
The remaining sessions focus on taking action and making the changes based on what’s important to you.
Popular themes include breaking through limiting beliefs and improving your self-worth.

An outline of the six sessions and popular coaching themes are listed below.

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Upgrade your Mindset. Embrace Your Values & Identity for Authentic Confidence & Results

6 Steps for Re-calibration & Change


  • Get clarity on what you want
  • Create life balance
  • Define a life of meaning and purpose


  • Create a clear and empowering vision for the future
  • Understand your strengths & assets as well as weaknesses and liabilities
  • Affirm your vision & define realistic milestones

Goals and Planning

  • Identify actions, what & how
  • Discover resources, timelines & requirements
  • Discover costs and how to be effective & efficient


  • Identify & break limiting beliefs
  • Understand yourself and sharpen your identity (character & traits)
  • Improve communication and emotional responses

 Confidence. Resilience. Consistency

  • Handle conflicts and setbacks
  • Welcome feedback and a culture of growth and improvement
  • Build consistency with responsibility and accountability

 Review. Re-calibrate & Celebrate

  • Review what’s working and celebrate achievements
  • Re prioritise, and manage fears and failure
  • Leverage healthy habits, routines and systems
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"I worked through Lee Ashby’s Coaching for Entrepreneurs series and really enjoyed it. He has done a great job of bringing coaching and mindfulness techniques to the business and entrepreneurial world. Completing the program helped me to become more organized, intentional, and to feel more grounded. Lee is reliable, patient, and thoughtful in his comments, an all-around great coaching experience!"

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Program Folder & Bonus Workbooks

What Do I Get?

  • 6 x 90 minute coaching sessions with Lee.
  • The Re-Calibration Program PDF with all steps and exercises.
  • Additional resources as required
Thank you for today’s session; it was refreshingly challenging and thought-provoking. It illuminated my strengths and highlighted the areas I want to develop. Your coaching style was calm and engaging. You were confident and knowledgeable around the subject area, explaining the process and keeping on track. Overall, this session has given me clarity moving forward.

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