My First Powerful Package

Package Your Expertise

Are you wanting to help your clients get bigger and better breakthroughs and outcomes?

Are you wanting to work with ideal clients who are committed to getting results and are happy to pay for it?

Are you struggling to market your expertise and work at your highest potential? 

If you answered yes, powerful packages could be the best decision you make and rocket you forward to have a thriving coaching or service based business.

Offering packages is a proven way to get consistent income so you can focus on serving your ideal clients at a higher level.

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I Understand Your Struggle

As a generalist, I have a lot of expertise across many areas of business, marketing, coaching, IT, writing, design, development and more.

How do you get across what you can offer to potential clients?

The Answer.

Package your services in a powerful way. I call them Powerful Packages.

By packaging your services into one irresistible offer – with specific outcomes your clients desire, you appeal to what people want most. Results.

Your package contains everything they need to get there. It’s easy for them to say Yes to.

We were stuck

Back in 2016 when we were starting Jacqui’s counselling business, Premium packages were the answer.

They propelled us to over 6 figures in less than 12 months, and the best part was the clients were getting the results they desired.

Jacqui’s Coaching and Relationship programs were empowering, high quality and great value for her clients that needed them.

By only working with ideal clients, Jacqui was able to work deeply and at her best. Committed clients enabled Jacqui to provide the support and care they needed to break through and achieve happier & healthier lives and relationships.

Today Jacqui specialises in Couples Counselling and has helped over 100 couples through her popular ‘Save My Marriage’ Program.

Let's Create Your First Powerful Package

I first learned about packages from Bill Baren. A successful entrepreneur and coach who helped us in a big way in business and life. Bill no longer runs his Premium Package coaching, but I am here to help you get the transformation that we did.

I’m adapting the best of Bill’s approach and tailoring it specifically for getting coaches and similar service based businesses off the ground and heading toward 100K a year.

In fact we will work together one-on-one. Tap into my vast knowledge of packages, marketing, tips and tricks so you can get sales sooner and happier clients faster!

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Fast Deployment

Let’s work together one-on-one online all day to create your first powerful package.

At the end of the day you will have:

  • The first version of your power package ready to offer to your audience
  • Your enticing value proposition to offer and wow potential clients
  • The first version of your landing page and ‘copy’ for your marketing materials
  • A game plan for your next steps so you can get your offer out there.
  • Chosen your lead magnet to automatically attract your ideal clients
  • Identified your side dish package to offer clients who aren’t ready for your main powerful package.
  • Chosen the best tools and platforms to market and deliver your package
  • My Powerful Packages Ebook & Cheat Sheet to apply the best principles and avoid common traps when delivering packages and growing your business.

Over 6+ hours of working together we will shape your first powerful package and at the end of the day you will be ready to offer it to new and existing clients.

Because this is a new service I am offering to my clients, I am slashing the price by 50% for the first five clients who take up this offer.

Don’t pay $1997. Let’s work together and get your powerful package out there for just $997.

Get in touch to learn more and to ensure we are a suitable match to achieve your goals.

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