Powerful Packages Strategy Session

What Do You Have to Gain With Powerful Packages?

Start with a strategy session and see how powerful packages can multiply your revenues and deliver deeper transformation for your clients.

Discover time saving systems and stress reducing delivery methods to take your business to the next level. Even if your just getting started or have tried to grow your business in the past. Discover what’s possible with a strategy session with Lee.

The Strategy session is a welcome relief. Understand what’s possible, and visualise the path to success without all the stress and worry of working in multiple niches, with demanding clients. 

At the end of our session you’ll have a blueprint of your next steps forward, and even if you don’t proceed with the powerful packages program, you’ll have an outline on how to do it yourself!

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Lee Ashby - Life Coach

Do Your Services Fit?

After spending some time together, you will know your strengths, and your clients burning problems that you are uniquely positioned to address.

Discover how you can meet their needs in a powerful package and deliver excellent outcomes in an effecient and empowering way.

Discover key principles into packaging your services for a high earning sustainable business.

Finally say to yourself…

“Wow! I Understand How Valuable My Expertise Area”

“Finally! Someone Understands What I do & Why I do It”

“I’m Confident to Charge Higher Prices & Serve More Deeply & Wider Than Before”

There are many benefits of implementing powerful packages in your business, but it’s not easy to do on your own.

That’s why working with a coach like Lee, who hears you, understands you, and cares about your success, is such a wise idea.

Avoid the mistakes that can cost you years of lost time, and thousands more in lost revenue. Avoid the heartache and frustration of doing it alone and do it right the first time with an experienced and caring coach.

Connect online with Lee using zoom and feel at ease sharing your story and talking through whats going on for you.

As we get to know each other, and I get a clearer picture of what’s going on for you, we will get down to brass tacks and unpack what’s not working so well. From there, we will get clear on your ultimate dream outcome and even start making a list of ideas of what’s next.

Unpack Your Clients Needs & Your IP

Create a vision for the future of your business and who you’ll become in the process.

As we sketch out a high level plan for your packaged services and delivery, you will begin to see how everything is taking shape.

It’s an exciting time for you!

I use a really cool template to unpack your IP and your clients burning problems.

This is yours to keep at the end of the session. It’s a powerful ‘Blueprint for Change’.

Your ‘Blueprint for Change’ helps you take action fast in the Powerful Packages Program, to get quick wins on the board.

discovery session client plan

Strategy Session Details

The strategy session goes for up to 90 minutes, so there is plenty of time to tell your story and unpack whats going on for you.

I have an awesome agenda and set of questions to keep us on track and get the most out of our time together.

The session is held online, using zoom, and it’s really easy, convenient and fun!

I use a calendar ‘setmore’ to take your booking, and payments are processed securely via square.

I hold sessions and workshops with clients from all around the world. Setmore will know your timezone and book in a session time that suits the both of us – based on my availability.

Powerful Packages Sounds Great! - How Do I Start?

Ready to Book

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Follow the steps to book and pay for a ‘Strategy Session’ at a time that suits you.

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Have Questions? - Easy, Get in Touch

For coaches, therapists and professionals I haven’t spoken to yet, get in touch before booking to make sure this is the right session for you.

If you have questions…

Just ask your question in the form below, or start a chat using the chat-widget and Lee will respond as soon as possible. (Active during Australian business hours)

At just $179 AUD – The 90 Minute Discovery Session is a Wise Investment

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