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Powerful Packages Program Overview

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Hey Coaches & Therpaists - Package Your Expertise!

Are you wanting to help your clients get bigger and better breakthroughs?

Are you wanting to work with ideal clients who are committed to getting specific results and are more than happy to pay you handsomely for it?

Are you struggling to market your expertise and feel frustrated you’re not serving at your highest potential? 

Are you feeling burned out, disorganised and overwhelmed with trying to serve everybody and keep on top of everything?

If you answered yes…

Then listen closely, Powerful Packages could be the answer to reduce your stress and propel you forward to having a thriving coaching / therapy business.

You see, offering packages is a proven way to get larger, more consistent income, so you can focus on serving your ideal clients at a higher level.

Work smarter, not harder with packages. Deliver your best coaching experience without the stress, distraction or overwhelm.

package your services

I Understand Your Struggle

As a coach and business owner, I wear many hats and have a lot of responsibilities. I have expertise across many areas of coaching, strategy, marketing, IT, web development, writing, design, product development and more.

How do you get across what you can offer to potential clients?

The Answer…

Package your services in a powerful way. I call them Powerful Packages.

By packaging your services into one irresistible offer – with specific outcomes your clients desire, you appeal to what people want most. Results.

Your package contains everything they need to get there. (and nothing more) It’s easy for them to say Yes to.

"I found Lee’s ‘Powerful Packages’ workshops interesting and informative, and they helped me to design and market my own service packages. Lee is a knowledgeable and engaging presenter who shares his own experience of what works, and what doesn’t. Highly recommended!"

We Were Stuck

Back in 2016 when we were starting my partner Jacqui’s counselling business, Premium Packages were the answer.

They propelled us to over 6 figures in less than 12 months, and the best part was the clients were getting the results they desired.

Jacqui’s Coaching and Relationship programs are empowering, high quality and great value for her clients.

By only working with ideal clients, Jacqui was able to work deeply and at her best. Committed clients enabled Jacqui to provide the support and care they need to repair their relationship and lead happier & healthier lives.

Today Jacqui only specialises in Couples Counselling and has helped hundreds of couples through her popular ‘Save My Marriage’ Program.

Let's Create Your First Powerful Package

I first learned about packages from Bill Baren. A successful entrepreneur and coach who helped us in a big way in business and life. Bill no longer runs his Premium Package coaching, but I am here to help you get the transformation that we did.

I’ve adapted the best of Bill’s methods with other frameworks and best practices I’ve learned over the last 7 years to help coaches and ‘heart centered’ therapists package their expertise and crack through 100K+ a year. All with having more time, feeling organised and being less stressed.

I’ll share with you all the package principles, workflows, tips and tricks to help you step up and become the best practitioner you can be.

Don’t wait another year of slow and sluggish sales to start streamlining your business. Earn more more now and deliver a deeper level of service for your clients.

deliver with confidence

Delivered over 12 In-Depth Sessions with 1 on 1 Support

Let’s work together online in groups, with 1 on 1 support to create your first powerful package.

At the end of the program you will have…

  • The first version of your powerful package –  live and attracting your ideal clients.
  • An enticing, valuable proposition on offer that wow’s potential clients.
  • The first version of your landing page and ‘copy’ for attracting ideal clients.
  • Confidence and natural conversations to enroll new clients into your program / package.
  • A game plan for your next steps so you can get your offer out there and deliver sustainably.
  • An enticing lead magnet attracting interested leads on auto-pilot.
  • A side-dish package on offer for clients who aren’t ready for your main powerful package yet.
  • Chosen the best tools and platforms to market and deliver your package on a budget that suits you.
  • Avoided common traps and be delivering packages like the true expert you are.
  • Growing your business in a sustainable, authentic way.
"Lee is a very talented teacher and coach. His Powerful Packages course leverages his experience and knowledge around marketing and selling coaching services as well as the technology that plays such an important role in today's digital world of business. You will learn, internalise and implement the entire process of to whom and what to offer, and how to package and sell it. I cannot recommend him enough as both a coach and a trainer."

Powerful Packages - Program Overview

powerful packages overview

All The Support You Need to Succeed.

With over 18 hours of in-session work together, you will have your first complete powerful package ready to offer clients.

I only run this program in small groups for a more personal experience and to offer targeted support.

Let powerful packages be the powerhouse to generate all the income you desire, in your business.

Let powerful packages simplify how you work and generate outstanding results for your clients.



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