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The Big Idea

The big idea behind the Be a Better Partner program is that improving your self makes a big difference in your relationship. And if you change your partner will ‘respond better’, and even want to be better themselves, like the new you!

This approach can take place outside of traditional couples therapy.

Read on, and explore in more detail how it works, and hear if it’s for you.

Why Improving Your Self Works

You might be thinking…

“Why should I change and ‘be better’ when they’re the one with the problem!?”

A Better Relationship Starts with You

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When you think about it, you can only ever ‘change yourself’. So trying to change your partner is pretty fruitless.

Plus no one likes being told to change. It’s usually met with resistance. So the best hope you have of improving your relationship is by improving your self first.

The good news is the benefits stack up.

Your partner will likely respond positively to the ‘new you’ and change by their own accord.

You see:

As you change and ‘be better’ your partner will have less complaints and see that you are really trying. Naturally they will start to “reflect what you’re putting down” and join you in the ‘happy & healthy’ vibe you’re creating.

Because your communication is calm and you’re behaviour is kind, they will naturally be inspired by you and ‘want what you’re having’.

The result is natural growth together and both having the desire to improve your relationship.

What if They Don't Change?

After completing the program you’ll be in a much healthier space to be in a relationship. This means your partner will be responding differently, because you have changed for the better!

While managing expectations is important – our goals are clear. The vision and reality you are creating is for you to…

Be chatting calmly about issues with your partner, and resolving problems in your relationship graciously.

Be at peace with your self, have clarity, practice self care and self soothing and have a deeper understanding of who you are.

Be welcoming of change, and open to new ideas, new solutions and work together better.

Be sharing your vision and ideas together and achieving a healthy Life Balance that inspires.

Be consistent, reliable and lovable!

Have a happy home and environment that nurtures and supports your relationship.

Sure, a bit of discomfort is expected during periods of change. However with some patience and effort, both partners can get what they want and be happy in each others company!

If partners don’t change or are unwilling to change. There may be some extra barriers to work through first. This is natural and Couples Counselling may be more helpful here.

If a gridlock or stale mate still exists, generally speaking you have a choice to make; agree to disagree and make the most of what you have, or get out of the relationship. 

Having said that, many happy couples find a compromise and live in harmony with their differences. Couples Counselling is recommended.

How will your renovate your relationship?

Lead the Way…

Be Better First…

Inspire Change…

Grow Together…

We Don't Know, What We Don't Know

People spend up to a lifetime in lousy unfulfilling relationships. They can spend years feeling hopeless, arguing and grumpy.

I’m sure you’ll agree – That’s no way to live!

I wonder, have they looked for a better way?

What don’t they know?

What are they missing?

Ponder this: “We don’t know, what we don’t know…”

Knowing is the First Step

Knowing there is a better way.

Knowing that change and choosing different is possible and the outcomes can be simply life changing.

And I don’t say that lightly.

Personally, I wish I’d known ‘these ways’ a long time ago while growing up.

It’s why I find personal development so inspiring. It’s powerful. It changes lives.

Yet strangely the knowledge and resources just sit there, largely out of view from the ‘public mainstream’.

My job is to bring the best of it to you, collaborate with you, understand you, and ultimately empower you – to open the door and step into the greatest life and relationship possible.

Ready to step up?

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