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relationship discovery session web

Relationship Discovery Session

Are your relationships suffering from conflict and disagreements? Discover new strategies and tools to have smooth conversations with honour and respect.

find your passion and purpose

Find Your Passion & Purpose

Find your passion and purpose! Be inspired by Ikigai – A reason for being. And unleash a new direction in life with 25 empowering questions.

coping with stress

Coping with Stress Assessment

Coping with Stress Wheel – How well do you manage stress in your life? Discover which areas are causing stress and overwhelm.

life balance wheel

Life Balance Assessment

Life Balance Assessment Tool – Spin up Your Wheel of Life and See How Balanced Your Life is. What Needs to Change for You?

how life coaching can help you

How Life Coaching Can Help You

Wondering How Life Coaching Can Help You? How does Life Coaching Work? Will Life Coaching Help Me? Let’s answer these questions today!

life coaching vs therapy

Life Coaching Vs Therapy

Life Coaching Vs Therapy. Let’s unpack the two and compare what works best and when. Could there be more to coaching than first thought?

online life coaching

Life Coaching Near Me

Looking for a “life coach near me”? – Try online life coaching with zoom. It’s so easy and effective. Learn how Life Coaching Online works with Lee.

life coaching questions awareness

Life Coaching Questions – Awareness

Life Coaching Questions – ‘Awareness’. Ponder intriguing questions for self-reflection. Identify strengths, areas for improvement and understand who you are.