Be a Better Partner

Improve Your Self to Improve Your Relationship

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How Could You 'Be a Better Partner?'

How are you showing up in your relationship?

Is there room to ‘be better’ in some way?

Take the assessment to find out.

If there is room, I wonder what specific areas you’d focus on?

And what difference would it make in your marriage / relationship?

What would that improvement mean for you?

My partner Jacqui is a successful Couples Counsellor who works deeply on complex and sensitive marital problems.

This is not that.

The Be a Better Partner Module helps you, in specific areas that help you live your best life – In turn you show up as a ‘better partner’.

Jacqui and I have developed this program from the ground up. It’s perfect for self improvement and breaking through relationships problems that can be handled outside of Marriage Counselling.

We are talking about:

  • Communication techniques and listening skills.
  • Self care and managing emotions like anger, fear and frustration.
  • Feeling great, lowering stress and raising self awareness, and relational awareness.
  • Being at peace and uUnderstanding what’s going on for you.
  • Feeling confident and motivated, as your break old habits and set new healthy habits.
  • Nuture your relationship with new environments, setting new standards for yourself and your relationship.
  • Feel safe, and valued by setting boundaries and living more in the ‘healthy zone’.
  • Rebuild trust and see what forgiveness and self-acceptance look like for you.
  • Making sense of who you are, and the world around you.
  • And so much more.
be a better partner
'Be a Better Partner'

Watch the video above for a complete overview of the program.

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