Life Coaching Discovery Session

Life Coaching Online with Lee Ashby

Hi I’m Lee.

So you’re looking for an online coach?

Well You’ve found me!

A discovery session is a great place to start. You get plenty of time to talk through what’s going on for you and we can get you on the right track from day 1.

I work online using zoom. It’s so easy and convenient.

The discovery session is a welcome relief. Unwind and get your stress and worry off your chest.

At the end of our session you’ll feel like a weight has been lifted from your shoulders and feel like your heading in the right direction.

Lee Ashby
Lee Ashby - Online Life Coach

Feel Heard & Understood

After sharing your story, your strengths, and challenges with Lee, You will be able to finally say to yourself…

“Aha! Someone gets me”

“Someone understands me”

“I’m not going crazy here!”

There are many benefits of working with a coach like Lee, who hears you, understands you, cares about you and has time for you.

Working with Lee is a breath of fresh air, after going round in circles trying to ‘work it out yourself’, or getting frustrated with ‘help’ from friends and family.

Getting Clarity & Taking Your First Steps

Connect online with Lee using zoom and feel at ease sharing your story and talking through whats going on for you.

As we get to know each other, and I get a clearer picture of what’s going on for you, we will get down to brass tacks and unpack what’s not working so well. From there, we will get clear on your ultimate dream outcome and even start making a list of ideas of what’s next.

Bridging the Gap & Your Ultimate Dream Outcome

Even if we aren’t entirely sure how, you can achieve your dream outcome right now, we can create a vision for the future and who you’ll become.

As we sketch out a high level plan you will begin to see how you are going to bridge the gap, from where you are now, to where you’re going to be.

It’s an exciting time for you!

I use a really cool template to record this in, and provide it to you as your ‘Blueprint for Change’.

Your ‘Blueprint for Change’ helps you take action and get some early wins on the board.

discovery session client plan

What Success Means For You

As we craft your vision in vivid detail, you’ll begin to see the pathway laid out in front of you. Then you can begin to imagine and understand what achieving your goals means for you.

Feel confident, hopeful, excited, and motivated as our initial discovery session winds up and new doors open for you.

Having a fresh sense of optimism, and a sharper vision for your future allows you to make decisions with confidence.

Feel calm and more peaceful with your next steps. Have a clear understanding of what you do want, and what you don’t want.

Know what ‘doing nothing’ will cost you.

Your Catalyst for Change

If we are good fit to work together – Then the next steps are all toward making it happen. I’ll discuss your options with you after our first session.

Discovery Session Details

The discovery session goes for 90 minutes, so there is plenty of time to tell your story. I have a well-tested agenda and set of questions that work really to facilitate this process.

The session is held online, using zoom, and it’s really easy, convenient and fun!

I hold sessions and workshops with clients from all around the world.

I use a calendar ‘setmore’ to take your booking, and payments are processed securely via square.

Sounds Great! - How Do I Start?

Action Takers

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At just $199 AUD – The 90 Minute Discovery Session is a Wise Investment for You

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