Life Values Discovery Session

What's the Life Values Discovery Session All About?

Discover your Life Values and understand what makes you tick.

Find out what your priorities are, and if your actions are in alignment with what you really want.

Our values underpin our behaviour and how we show up in the world. So it’s important to know them and know the ones you are working toward.


How Will it Help Me?

  • Discover your top Life Values
  • Discover your ‘moving toward’ values that inspire and motivate
  • Discover your synergy and cycle of values for Life Balance.
  • Discover the origin of your Life Values
  • Evaluate life priorities
  • Understand what drives your behaviour and choices
  • Discover the origins of your Life Values
  • So much more!


Benefits include:

  • Know what values are not being met
  • Re balance your life for satisfaction.
  • Understand what values you are meeting well.
  • Understand what’s behind conflict / blocks / frustration
  • Be empowered to make change.
  • Get clear on next steps and life vision
  • Make better decisions
  • Have better relationships!

Life Values Workbook

Completing the Life Values workbook is a fun and intriguing experience. I recommend completing the workbook at least once a year to check in on how your Life Values are empowering your lifestyle and enabling you to live your best life.

life values workbook
life values cards

How Does it Work?

Working with me as your coach I guide you, challenge you and stretch you to discover your top 10 (or more) Life Values and what they mean to you and why. Are there gaps? Is there conflict? What ideas can we come up with to meet your needs?

The Life Values session is one of my favourite sessions because they are so powerful and enjoyable. It’s a great first step toward living a life of purpose and passion.

After you contact me or make a booking below, I’ll send you the Life Values workbook and instructions to get started. This means we make the most of our session time together – talking about your Life Values and direction.

What Do I Get?

  • The Life Values Workbook (Interactive PDF)
  • A 90 minute coaching session with Lee.
    • Unpack your Life Values Workbook together, talk through your discoveries and what it means to you.
    • Work through my Life Values Elicitation exercise to shape your top values and how you might live a more fulfilling life.
    • Get a clear understanding of your life balance and what’s important.
    • Learn about Life Values Cards and how to improve your relationships, self awareness and more.

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