Master Your Identity

Understand Yourself Like Never Before

Discover who you are, profoundly.

In fact, by working with me on this topic, you’ll get a 10 page presentation that unpacks and describes exactly who you are, what you stand for and who you are growing into.

It’s my favourite session theme to deliver and experience with clients, as its literally a life changing experience.

Becoming grounded.

You see if you are anything like me, you’re forgetful. Your human. You have good days and not so good days. You have a lot on your plate and to be honest shit happens. Life happens. But we mustn’t lose sight of who we are.

Because we are human it’s easy to be swayed by emotions and base our decisions on feelings, not facts. Sometimes we even believe what we want to be true, despite our gut feeling something’s off.

Mastering your identity is all about getting clearer than ever on who you are.

You probably haven’t given it much thought before. But one thing that determines success, happiness, fulfillment and satisfaction in life is understanding who you are – and who you can become.

New Video - What a Vivid Identity Looks Like

Master Your 'Self'

The process starts by taking a real ‘Selfie’.

I ask intriguing questions (gently) and together, we explore your values, your strengths, beliefs, your past, what motivates you and more.

Together we collaborate on an ‘identity presentation’. It’s literally a powerpoint presentation and a pdf file you can keep.

It contains the essence of who you are. (for my example see the video above)

If someone were to find it and pick it up. They’d know you pretty damn well, and I’m betting be inspired to get to know you!


Because you’re going places. You’re clear on who you are and you’re confident in your self. You’re trust worthy, have integrity, direction and purpose.

Lets get clear on what I mean…

lost found searching
Discover your core identity

Understanding Your Self Better

Let’s take a look at the 6 ‘selfs’. This is something you probably have never paid much attention to. But understanding the differences and what makes you – you, is the first step to really making some breakthroughs.


Your Self-Image is the mental image of who you are. What you look like. How you show up in the world. It’s a current snapshot of who are, right now in your minds eye. And yes you can change your self-image. Plus you can change your self image fast.


The value you place on yourself. Your standards, your boundaries and what you’ll accept or pipe up about. What sources do you base your Self-worth on? Are they resilient and self driven or external to you?

Exploring your Life Values and other inner qualities help us to refine and clarify your healthy & positive self-worth.

Self awareness - Take a real selfie!


Your self-esteem builds upon your self-image and self-worth. We discover your natural drivers of self-esteem and get crystal clear on what motivates and empowers you. You understand what emotional states empower you and what activities generate the self-perpetuating self-esteem.

A healthy and vivid Self-Concept is the vision that also contributes to your Self-Esteem.


You’ll clarify your most empowering self-beliefs. You’ll master the linkages between the ‘Self’s’ to form strong self-belief across all life theme areas.

Self Belief dives into having faith. Bridging the gap from where you are now to where you ultimately want to be.

It’s about framing things positively and affirming your direction and capability, perhaps despite your past, despite nay-sayers and other factors around you.



The Self-Concept is who you can become. Many people live in stagnation. Not you. You have a clear picture of who you are and desire to become. Better yet you’ll have the belief and inherit gusto to pursue it.

A deep understanding of the ‘Selfs’ is essential to the next level of Self Actualisation. 


Self Actualisation – The process of living your life. It’s fulfilling your journey. Achieving your Self-Concept and evolving again, to ultimately live your best life and leave a legacy.

There are levels beyond Self-Actualisation and are generally spiritual or philanthropic in nature. For our purposes here, we will focus on the first four ‘selfs’ and your self concept. A solid understanding and vision of your self-concept will be an enlightening stage to reach.

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