Skills Inventory – Take Stock & Conquer!

What Are You Good At?

Chances are you know a lot and don’t realise it, or have become so accustomed to your current set of skills and attributes that you’ve forgotten how awesome you really are!

That’s why I love running through the skills inventory with clients. By the end of the exercise, most people are feeling confident, upbeat and genuinely surprised of all the skills and talents they’ve identified.

You see – we often become so familiar with ourselves that we forget how unique our combined set of skills and experience actually is.

The power of this exercise is evident by:

  • Recognising and deeply acknowledging your skills and experience
  • Honing and sharpening your existing set of skills
  • Communicating your achievements and experience effectively
  • Identifying new skills to make you unstoppable
  • Demonstrating the power of your skills when combined
  • Articulating the difference between your skills, passions, identity & character

This exercise is helpful when preparing for a new job, a career change, a big project, or getting unstuck from low self-worth or limiting beliefs.

Combine this exercise with a coaching session to unpack your discoveries and flesh out your next steps for getting the ultimate outcome you desire.


Challenge Yourself - Sharpen Your Skills!

Download the Skills Inventory template below and follow the instructions to discover

  1. What your good at
  2. What you can improve on
  3. What’s missing – what you need to learn (or outsource)
  4. What beliefs about yourself need polishing up!

Transferable Skills

I’m consistently amazed at how clients, friends and co-workers from the past have held limiting beliefs. I can add myself to this group too. It’s only by pushing the boundaries of what’s possible and taking on discomfort and some risk that you truly find out what your made of and what you can do!

One thing holding people back is the false belief you aren’t good enough, not qualified or don’t have the experience. That’s where transferable skills come in. Take someone in a sales role. Sure you might be pretty good at selling computers at JB Hi-Fi today. But with a bit of moving and shaking you can be closing million dollar software contracts tomorrow!

Don’t let “I’m not good enough” or some other bullshit get in the way.

My point here is experience builds upon experience and is very much transferable between careers and even other areas of your life.

The missing component may not be ‘skills and experience’ but belief in yourself and the willingness to make mistakes along the way.

I’ll say that again. Let this sink in folks…

The missing component may not be ‘skills and experience’ but belief in yourself and the willingness to make mistakes along the way.

We can talk about beliefs another time, but at least create the awareness around this topic if you identify this as an issue for you.

I look forward to hearing how your skills are transferable and how you have identified new pathways and opportunities to get the job / career / business of your dreams.

Download the Workbook

Skills Inventory Workbook - Free
Skills Inventory

Compound Your Skills & Value

What effect would combining all your skills and experience with that of someone else? What unique combo’s could you create? What ‘powerhouse’ of a partnership or team could you create?

What opportunities could this open up?

Continuing on from our example above. A JB-Hi-Fi Tech sales person with a passion for tech, people and digital communication could pair up with a marketing guru and/or savvy SAAS Programmer and have a viable new marketing business on their hands for – gee I don’t know, landscape gardeners or tourism operators. Whatever! The point here is digging deep, picking out your ‘gem skills’, identifying gaps, teaming up can be a powerhouse force to be reckoned with.

Look at Jacqui and I. Jacqui is an accomplished and successful couples counsellor and coach. I am a jack of all trades, IT, Strategy, Business, Marketing, Coach, Ideas guy. Together our counselling and coaching business is thriving with opportunities presenting every day.

Download the Workbook – and book in a session to talk through your next move, if that sounds helpful to you.

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