Snap Out of the Change Cycle

Hitting Breaking Point

Have you ever hit your breaking point? Perhaps you’re fed up with your job or your relationship has turned sour.

Do you finally decide to leave or do something about it because you’ve finally had enough!?

Sound familiar?

But then, after a few days you find yourself back at your job, or back in your relationship. The pain has worn off a bit and making a change is all just too hard and you give up and go back to your old ways.

How’s this make you feel?

Not so great huh… Then I urge you to get across the Change Cycle. Raise your awareness around it and increase your understanding of the stages within. Unpack What’s going on for you and get set for change.

Watch my in-depth video below and download the PDF worksheet to get started.

Change Cycle

Download the Change Cycle Workbook

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