Weekly Progress Tracker

Stay on Track

Download the weekly progress tracker to help keep you accountable and focused on your priority areas.

Tick the area of development you want to focus on during the week to avoid overwhelm and confusion by working on many things at once.

Make any notes as necessary. By writing down the obstacles and issues you are giving them a home on paper (or in the pdf) allowing you to ‘dump the worry’ from being at the forefront of your mind.

Action steps toward your goals. Write the down here. Give them a home so you can commit to taking steps and actually do the steps to completion, rather than giving up or changing your mind half way through.

Be sure to celebrate your achievements and wins. Even just taking the time to be bask in the awareness of your achievements and give yourself a ‘virtual pat on the back’ as a reward is a great first step.

Rewarding the brain for following through and completing the task will build up a positive construct – and motivate you to keep going and doing great things!

Check in with how you are feeling. This can often be easily missed as you are racing around ‘doing things’. Remember to ‘be’ too.

Use your growing sense of awareness and mindfulness to live and ‘feel’ everything around you.

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