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Forget about searching for “Life Coaching Near Me” – when you can connect online from anywhere around the world with an Online Life Coaching using zoom.

I’ve been using zoom before the pandemic started, and its very effective for coaching, training, and more.

As more and more people get used to working online, and using zoom, it gets easier and easier to stay connected and work in new ways.

With screen sharing, virtual whiteboards, markup tools, chat and more, its easy to see why Life Coaching Online is taking off.

Lee Ashby
Lee Ashby - Online Life Coach

Online Coaching is Best for Busy Folks

It’s convenient, no driving, parking or waiting rooms to worry about. Less time is spent traveling and waiting, so coaching fits in with your lifestyle. You can be on a break at work, on holiday, or calling in from home, whatever suits you!

So if you’re looking for a Life Coach in person, that’s fine, but don’t discount an Online Life Coach like me.

In fact, after your first session, I’m sure you’ll be excited for your next session, and even prefer online sessions over in person.

You can feel safe, comfortable, relaxed, and all set up on your end as you prefer.

There are countless advantages!

Have question? – Simply get in touch, start a chat using the green widget below.

Considering Online Life Coaching?

Check out my popular single sessions to get started and get a taste of Life Coaching with Lee.

The Discovery Session is a great starting point, and the Life Balance Session is perfect for reducing stress and overwhelm!