Life Coaching Questions – Awareness

life coaching questions awareness
What are your top 10 Life Values?
Are you living in alignment with your Life Values?
What core beliefs shape how you live?
What core beliefs are the root cause of disharmony in your life?
What Life Values need more of your attention?
What are you most grateful for in your life?
Who are you most grateful for?
How can you practice gratitude more often?
In what way can you show your appreciation & gratitude?
What brings you the most joy in life?
What relationships do you value dearly in your life?
What do you find naturally motivating?
How can you harness the energy surrounding your innate motivation?
When are you at your most content? What's it look like?
Would you benefit from looking after your self better? In what way?
What would 'nurturing your soul' entail for you?
What area of your life is being neglected?
What can I do to restore a sense of Life Balance?
What would a wise 'future self' advise you on?
What is your super power?
When do you find yourself in 'flow'?
What do people admire most about you?
What values and character traits serve you well?
Do you put others on a pedestal to your own detriment?
Do you look down upon others, and if so why?
Do you treat other's better than your self, the same, or worse?
Are you easily influenced by others?
Do you value your own inner voice and 'go with your gut'?
What life lessons are shaping your current way of being?
What life lessons are holding you back from taking the next steps?
What old life lessons are now more like barriers to growth?
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