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I help coaches and therapists work smarter and deliver amazing outcomes with their clients.

Are you a professional coach or service provider feeling overwhelmed, stressed and struggling with ad-hoc sessions, tech, and marketing?

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To hear how packages were the saviour to our success in 2016, check out my About page. 

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"I found Lee’s ‘Powerful Packages’ workshops interesting and informative, and they helped me to design and market my own service packages. Lee is a knowledgeable and engaging presenter who shares his own experience of what works, and what doesn’t. Highly recommended!"

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"I worked through Lee Ashby’s Coaching Series and really enjoyed it. Completing the program helped me to become more organized, intentional, and to feel more grounded. Lee is reliable, patient, and thoughtful. He has done a great job of bringing coaching and mindfulness techniques to the business and entrepreneurial world."

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